The True Power of Kickstarter

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Running a Kickstarter campaign is a business simulation.

When my campaign started, I shared it with my friends and family and hoped for the best. The first day the project achieved 9%, the second a 1%, and the third one a 4%. It didn’t take me long to realize that one needs to keep a heavy marketing campaign during the 30 days Kickstarter gives to the project.

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This could be the best way to find out if your idea is worth making.

Why? because it is almost risk-free. Kickstarter’s nature to make projects “All or nothing” allows us to forget about the nerves and really focus on making it work, and if we fail then we lose nothing, we learn from our mistakes and get ready to try again. If we succeed, then we have a major boost.

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Is there a reason not to try it?

There is always a price where there’s something to win, doesn’t it? However, with Kickstarter, I’ve found that the only setback is time. It is insanely time-consuming and if your campaign fails, all that time and effort was for nothing, yet I believe it is a small risk when there is so much to win.

Go for it!

If you have an idea and you believe it is worth the effort then there’s no reason not to try it! Go and start a Kickstarter campaign, I believe it’ll be an amazing experience. However, here are some of the mistakes I made, please keep them in mind before going live.

  1. Not doing pre-campaign marketing: Honestly, I never thought about this. I focused too much on writing the story, defining rewards, and making the video, so I kept the project to myself. I never spoke about it with my friends before going live. And social media never crossed my mind. Please don’t make this mistake, do a little pre-campaign marketing at least for a week before launch.
  2. Not having an appealing image for my project: It may sound dumb. Maybe I’m dumb. But the fact is that I didn’t think about it, I only uploaded an image with the title of the book. I’m in process of fixing that but there’s no way to get back these days without a proper image for my campaign.
  3. Advertising to the wrong audience: After realizing that I need to work hard to advertise my campaign, I went desperate, I started sharing my campaign on all Facebook groups about Kickstarter projects. The problem with doing these is that it’s like throwing a rock into the ocean. My posts were sinking amongst other posts in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t my best idea to stand out.
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What I believe I did right

Not everything has been so bad. Even though it isn’t going as good as I would like, there are some things I feel I’m doing right. The main one is that I have stopped being timid on social media and with my friends. They are the ones who can help the most so, why should I leave them out? If you go for it, please remember that they are the ones who can help you get some momentum. Once they support your project it’ll be easier for others to believe in you and support you as well.

My Project

If you wish to check out my project please go to my Kickstarter campaign (link here).

My Kickstarter project



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